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The Landing Strip

Postby Arloest » Sat Feb 09, 2008 8:27 pm

Welcome to Define Cynical, a forum designed by and for fans of the comic strip Ozy and Millie by David Craig Simpson. I'm Arloest, one of the moderators here, along with Muninn, Æron, and our administrator, nickspoon. You're free to contact us if you have a question you'd like to ask or would like to inform us of any problems you might encounter.

The forum you are in right now is the Airport, where you are welcome to introduce yourself to the rest of the community as a new arrival.

Site Conduct:

You'll find that most people here are generally quite accepting of differing opinions and what you write, but since the board is open to all age groups, please keep the language clean and your attitude towards others respectful. Don't be afraid to show your personality, though; we're not automatons here.

Here are the basic rules to follow while you're here:

- No spamming threads or forums.
- Keep your conversation civil, don't be rude and offensive. You should try to keep foul language at a minimum. It's recommended that you might read a bit before posting to get a general feel for what is allowed here.
- Encouraging racism, sexism, or anything else that causes members to feel uncomfortable will likely result in an immediate ban.
- Do not post text or pictures of or linking to suggestive or pornographic material. The latter will be removed even if you post a warning before the link. Such material is simply not appropriate here.
- Bringing up (necroing) old topics is discouraged, unless the thread is still relevant start a new one.
- Trying to sell stuff or advertising will result in those posts being edited or deleted. Basic rule of the internet.

They're pretty much all straight-forward, ordinary rules, but they will be followed, and appropriate action will be taken if they're breached. Members caught doing the above will almost always get a warning first from one of the moderators or the admin. Repeat offenders will likely face a ban. If you encounter a problem with an individual or specific post please inform one of the members of staff; Zaaphod, nickspoon, baloki/SnowCat or Arloest. We will respond as fast as possible to the situation at hand and remove or modify the appropiate post and/or thread if it is a violation of the forum rules.

But it's important to note that this place isn't tyrannic in any sense of the word. It's quite a peaceful, fun-loving board, and we hope you'll think so too. =)


At the top right hand corner of every page in the forum is a link to the forums IRC room, #definecynical. The chat can see inactive times when very few people are on, so don't be discouraged if you walk into to an empty place on your first day. Although the chat is generally a lot more lenient and informal than the forums, many of the aforementioned rules still apply. Just use common sense while you're in there. I am also the op in there (along with nickspoon and jent), and you do not want to face the wrath of my kick. >:@

I assure you, though, #definecynical is simply a fun time. I don't bite =)

Click here to use the web chat

mIRC should work with the link at the top, but if you want to do it manually, the commands (for mIRC or Chatzilla) are

/server -m
/join #definecynical


Other Important Places:

You might also be interested in these places if you like Ozy and Millie and Define Cynical:

- Ozy and Millie (of course)
- Define Cynical LJ Group
- Ozy and Millie Deviant Art
- The DC world map
- Cafepress: Define Cynical
- The Define Cynical Steam Group
- House Rules (Ozy and Millie in Color)
- Fans' Gallery

And that's about it. Remember, this is a forum made for enjoyment. So above all, as long as you heed the rules and enjoy yourself, everything will go great. So make yourself at home. =)

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