New O&M Art From DCS

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Re: New O&M Art From DCS

Postby cougartiger » Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:43 am

Also I can't believe you waited that long for THESE. That's longer than I took to do BSP's commission. And his wasn't a 10 minute deal like these are.
Well, DCS didn't have to do them at all. I wasn't sure what to expect so they were a nice surprise.

Alas, it'll be some time before i get the remaining three pieces as DCS is very busy with Girl. I'd send an e-mail but she tends to ignore them unless they offer money.
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Re: New O&M Art From DCS

Postby datherman » Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:12 am

First one, honestly the anatomy just looks off in several places. Locke's jaw, especially, and Mrs. Mudd's legs to a certain extent. Hard to explain, but it seems slightly unnatural.

Other two are adorable in their own ways.
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Re: New O&M Art From DCS

Postby Chris » Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:27 pm

Screw anatomy, it makes drawing less fun.

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Re: New O&M Art From DCS

Postby Rooster » Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:07 pm

Screw anatomy, it makes drawing less fun.
Amen brother

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Re: New O&M Art From DCS

Postby Caoimhin » Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:46 pm

Very nice, I also like the mischievous nature of Millie's expression. In this case I don't mind the dress. However, I do dislike the faded colours. But hey, enjoy them, they're your orders after all.

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