Why The World Won't End On 5/21

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Why The World Won't End On 5/21

Postby cougartiger » Sat May 21, 2011 3:19 am

As you may have heard, some crackpot is predicting that the world will end this Saturday at 6 PM. Yeah, an exact time and date. :dragon: The good will be "raptured" to heaven and the bad will stay on earth to be damned.

Here's 10 reasons this won't happen:

10---I just bought a new 3-D TV.

09---I haven't watched all my 3-D blu-ray's yet.

08---I just won on ebay a rare Disney 3-D demo blu-ray with the 1953 Chip & Dale cartoon "Workin' For Peanuts" in full 3-D on it. It cost me $45. God would NEVER be so cruel as to not let me see it!

07---There's a new Doctor WHO on BBC America.

06---It would suck not to have Supernatural's cliffhanger resolved.

05---There'll be a new Dancing With The Stars winner on Monday (Kristie Alley, please!).

04---There'll be a new American Idol on Wednesday (Hopin' for Scotty McCreery!).

03---Summer's coming! I'm unemployed so this will be the first summer I haven't had to work since the 1990's and I plan on enjoying every moment!

02---The bible says no man shall know the hour of Judgment Day.

01---God doesn't like arrogant know-it-alls.
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